Irma Catalina Álvarez

(born 1980 in Cuenca, Spain) composer. She began piano studies at the Conservatorio Profesional de Cuenca and continued at the Real Conservatorio de Música de Madrid, where she specialised in contemporary and electroacoustic music composition. Additionally, she studied Philosophy at the Complutense University in Madrid and sound technician studies (F.I.P). Further training included courses in music composition with Leonardo Balada, Jose Manuel Lopez Lopez or Salvatore Sciarrino, music composition for visual image and theatre and Electroacoustic Composition with Gabriel Brncic and Eduardo Polonio. She is co-founder of the interdisciplinary art group “Miseria y Hambre” and co-director of the “Encounters Festival”, an annual music-and-art festival in Cuenca, Spain. In 2009/10, Irma pursued a MusM degree in electroacustic composition at University of Manchester and after that, she started PhD studies at the NOVARS Research Centre, studying under the supervision of Ricardo Climent.
Selected works: Trilogía de la soledad; Cottonopolis; Paramagnetic Spin Resonance; D- espacito

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