Gökçe Altay

Composer, and pianist, was born in Istanbul, Turkey, 1975. She started her music education at the age of 12 at the Ankara State conservatory, Piano Department. She was accepted in the Bilkent University, Music and Performing Arts Faculty, Theory - Composition Department with a full scholarship. During this period she was accepted as a student of composition at the the conservatory of Amsterdam and later, for music theory at the Rotterdam conservatory. After receiving her Bachelor Degrees from both institutes, she followed the Masters Degree program on the subject of 'Electro acoustic Music', at CODARTS, Rotterdam, and returned to Turkey. In abroad, she joined into various projects [e.g. Asko Ensemble, 8x7 Project; Axyz Ensemble; Ebb and Flow; Improvisation Worldwide Rotterdam], concert organizations (Gaudeamus Music Weeks; The Unanswered Question), workshops/master classes (e.g. George Crumb [composition]; Prof. Charles Rosen [music theory and performance practice]) and radio programs. She also worked as instructor at Rotterdam The conservatory for several years. She released her first CD in the Netherlands with Karnatic Lab Records in the project Ebb and Flow in 2009. In 2010 she completed her doctoral study and currently works as instructor at Bilkent University, Music and Performing Arts Faculty, at Theory and Composition Department. She continues her artistic activity in Turkey and in abroad.