Chefa Alonso

(born 1955 in Coruña, Spain) composer and soprano sax performer. Since 1995 she has been dedicated to teaching improvised music and composing and performing music for theater and dance as well as composing for her own group Akafree. She is co-founder of the Musicalibre collective, which organizes the annual Hurta Cordel International Improvisation Festival. She combines music and medicine education in an improvisation project aimed at the physically and mentally disabled, with whom she has worked since 1999. She also has stable improvisation groups as Blanca Doble, a duo with the poet Victor M. Díez, and Sin Red, interdisciplinary poetry, dance and improvised music proposed, and has played with a variety of musicians on the international scene as Vanessa Mackness or Phil Wachsman. She is Doctor of free improvisation and composition (Brunel University, London, 2007) and has published the book "Improvisación libre. La composición en movimiento” (2008. Editorial Dos Acordes). In the educational field, she teaches improvisation and conductes improvisers’ orchestras. She conducts FOCO (orchestra) and LIO (London Improvisers Orchestra). Belonged for four years to OMEGA (Orquesta de Música Espontánea de Galicia), and founded a band of improvisers in Andalucia, Entenguerengue, which she also conducted in the first stage. Recently she formed Carnival Orchestra, an orchestra that combines improvised music, with and without conducting, free jazz, poetry, electronic music, dance and music (original) for the circus.
Selected works: Video Compositions: Orillas. Barbara Meyer, Londres, 2007; Ruido Blanco. Barbara Meyer y Raquel Sánchez, Madrid, 2008. Compositions for theater and dance: Historias Peregrinas, Teatro do Noroeste, 2010; Amazonas. Instituto Valenciano de la Música, 2009; 69, Arela das Artes, 2009; Bailar el agua, 2005. Danza para niños; Ensayo, Teatro do Noroeste, 2004; Dos damas de Ferrol, Teatro do Noroeste, 2002; Alta Comedia, Teatro do Noroeste, 2001; A cacatúa verde, Centro Dramático Gallego, 2001. Compositions for improvising musicians: Five colours in seven minutes, 2004; Calypso oriental, 2004; Music is not necessary, 2004; Three games for seven improvisers, 2005; Collage, 2005; Their faces were blue, 2005; A beginning, a middle and an ending, 2005; Two in three, 2006.
Recordings: Uz: tres tubos, with Miguel Bestard y Marcos Monge. Clamshell Records, 2012; El azar fiable, with Albert Kaul (piano), 2011; Aguacero, Sin Red (Víctor M. Diez, Cova Villegas and Ildefonso Rodríguez), 2010; El ojo del huracán, 2010; John Russel, dúo. Emanem, London, 2007; Freedom of the city 2006, Emanem, London; Sin Red 2005, Sound Deluxe Producciones; Freedom of the city 2005, with the LIO (London Improvisers Orchestra)

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