Àngels Alabert Feliu

(born 14 September 1937, Girona, Spain, resident in Girona, Spain) composer, pianist and teacher. Professor at the Girona Conservatory where she teachs chamber music, piano, harmony, counterpoint, composition and instrumentation carrying out an intense pedagogic task. She composes works for piano, orchestra and choir. She organizes cycles of conferences about Music History and Musical Aesthetics. She an is advisory member of the Generality of Catalonia Popular Culture Department, having worked in the search and transcription of popular songs and etnomusicologics topics. For 18 years she has directed the Choir Maragall in Gerona. As a pianist, since 1990 she is part of the German trio Camera and since 1991 of the group Word Poet. She is member of several competitions the Piano 'Bergen' since 1985.
Selected works: Et miro adormida, 1994, sop, pf