Sumru Ağıryürüyen

Singer and mandolin player was born in Ankara, Turkey, 1959. She performs in different projects all over the world, singing in different styles from traditional music to free improvisation, and many different languages spoken in her country and abroad. As a concert and studio musician she released a solo album „Issız/Solitude‟, and two Balkan albums with friends „Ayde Mori‟ and „Balkan Journey‟ (Kalan); a Klezmer/Sephardic music quartet „Klez-Mez‟ (Saf/EMI) and prepared a duo album with cellist Anıl Eraslan, titled „Sert Sessizler/Harsh Consonants‟ (to be released by 2012, Baykuş) in free improvisation style. She has a quartet called „5‟, and she has a special audio-visual project for the memory of great Turkish poet Nazım Hikmet with outstanding Turkish artists (Büyükberber, Eraslan, Erdoğan, and Şevket Akıncı, Korhan Erel, Ozan Akıncı). Also she has a Balkan project with her long journey friend Brenna MacCrimmon from Canada, and Hilde de Clerq from Belgium, and Jesse Kotansky, and Adam Good from the States. She made the award winning music for the movie „Autumn‟ (director Ozcan Alper, soundtrack – Ada) with musician friends, for a documentary by the same director, with Anıl Eraslan. She also travels making „Let‟s Sing Together‟ workshops teaching traditional songs. Besides, she was a music director of two international organizations in Istanbul (,, and still prepares a radio show.