Elisabetta Antonini

( Verona, 20 Gennaio 1973), cantante, compositrice, arrangiatrice. Studia vocalità jazz tra l’Italia e gli Stati Uniti con musicisti come Maria Pia De Vito, Mark Murphy, Cinzia Spata, Barry Harris, Bob Stoloff . Ha vinto due edizioni del “Baronissi Jazz”. Si esibisce nei jazz clubs della capitale con diverse formazioni:“Walter Martino Band”, “Quagliero/Di Lella Big Band”,”Big Night Jave”, “Kammerton”. Ha lavorato con Nicola Conte, Fabrizio Bosso, Luca Bulgarelli, Andy Gravish. E’ coautrice e solista del progetto “Terre differenti”, progetto confluito nel cd “Cities of dreams”.Insegna alla “Saint Louis Music School” di Roma ed ai seminari di “Nuoro Jazz” .

Elisabetta Antonini (born in Verona, Italy, 20th January 1973) singer, composer and arranger. She studied as a jazz vocalist in Italy and USA  with musicians such as Maria Pia De Vito, Mark Murphy, Cinzia Spata, Barry Harris, Bob Stoloff. She performs in jazz clubs in Rome with different bands:“Walter Martino Band”, “Quagliero/Di Lella Big Band”,”Big Night Jave”, “Kammerton”. She worked with Nicola Conte, Fabrizio Bosso, Luca Bulgarelli, Andy Gravish. She is co-author and solist of the project “Terre differenti”, for which she realized the CD “Cities of dreams”. She teaches at the “Saint Louis Music School” in Rome and seminars of “Nuoro Jazz” .
Awards: Baronissi Jazz

Contact: http://elisabettaantonini.com/

Esperanza Abad

(born 9 February 1941, Mora, Toledo, Spain) singer, performer, teacher and composer. Her real name is Esperanza Lopez-Abad López. She studied music and declamation at the Real Conservatorio de Música y Arte Dramático in Madrid and later devoted her time to musical research. Co-founder of CANON and also of LIM, she specializes in the avantgarde. She is the co-writer of Réquiem escénico en memoria de Agustín Millares Sall (Goodbye that is not a Goodbye; Stage Requiem in Memory of Agustín Millares Sal) together with José Iges and Concha Jerez, as well as Ritual, a composition in three parts written for one of her own performances which combines voice, dramatization and electronics. Her music has been recorded in many companies like RCA, EMEG-EDIGSA and RNE. She has participated as a performer in a vast majority of festivals and international contemporary art forums. She has recorded for RNE, TVE and BBC and has attended festivals in and outside of Spain, where she achieved the highest distinctions. As an educator she has conducted numerous courses on the use of the voice for actors, singers, stage directors, choir and musicians in general.
Selected works: Despedida que no despide, 1990, mz, electr, 4 synchronized tapes; Para la galeria, 1986, voice- electr; Ritual (I. Ecos de tí en el ambiente- 2. He viajado entre desconocidos- 3. El corto presente), 1986, mz- electr, tape
Awards: As a singer she was honoured with the Award Lucrecia Arana del Real Conservatorio Superior de Música y Escuela de Arte Dramático de Madrid. In 2007 she received the Award for Excellence professional Juanelo Turriano in its second edition.

Eva Amaral

(born 4 August 1972 in Zaragoza, Aragón, Spain) composer and singer-songwriter. She followed sculpture studies at the Art School of Zaragoza. During this time, she was a member of the band Bandera Blanca, where she was the drummer. In 1993, she met the guitarist Juan Aguirre, who was a member of the band Días De Vino Y Rosas. Together, they created the group Amaral. They moved to Madrid and later signed a contract with Virgin Records.They have recorded six successful studio albums and have performed as tour support for Lenny Kravitz's Spanish concerts. Their song Rosa de la Paz was included in a record to support Prestige boat victims, also performing at the Nunca Máis demonstration in Madrid. Moby performs along with Eva Amaral on the song "Escapar", the Spanish version of the Amaral song Slipping Away. Beto Cuevas, front man with the Chilean band La Ley joins Amaral on their song Te Necesito. Pajaros En La Cabeza is their most famous album.
Recordings: Amaral, 1998; Una pequeña parte del mundo, 2000; Estrella de mar, 2002; Pájaros en la cabeza, 2005 (Live DVD); El comienzo del big bang, 2005; Caja Especial Navidad, 2006 (Recopilatorio); Gato Negro- Dragón rojo, 2008; Granada, 2009 (EP versions); La barrera del sonido, 2009 (2 lIVE DVD + 2 CD); Hacia lo salvaje, 2011.
Awards: The October 27, 2010, the Ministerio de Cultura of Spain awarded the II National Prize Contemporary Music 2010 a Amaral for her "aportación a la renovación del panorama musical actual".